The notification component of our wiki (plone) isn’t useful enough to bother with, so as a workaround I view its “Recent Changes” page on a regular basis. Well, as regularly as I can remember, which hasn’t been regular enough. So now I use Windows7’s Task Scheduler to open the page for me on a repeating schedule.

This should also be useful for catching regular Internet radio programs.


  1. Start | All Programs | Admin Tools | Task Scheduler | Create Task (in far right pane)
  2. General tab
    • Enter a name you’ll recognize later
  3. Triggers tab | New…
    • Enter when the task should occur
  4. Actions tab | New…
    • Action = Start a Program
    • Program/script = rundll32
    • Arguments = url.dll,FileProtocolHandler
  5. Conditions tab
    • Start only if the computer is on AC power => off
    • Wake the computer to run this task => on
  6. Settings tab
    • Run as soon as possible after scheduled start is missed => on
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